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Seasonal Skincare: Transitioning from Summer to Fall

Seasonal Skincare: Transitioning from Summer to Fall -

Our skin can be quite affected by changes in the weather. It's important to pay attention to what our skin needs, because our usual routine might not work in exactly the same way year round. Don't worry, you may not need to purchase new products, sometimes using what you have in different ways is plenty of an adjustment.

In summer, humidity levels rise and can increase your skin's oil and sweat production. This can lead to more frequent breakouts and the need for more frequent cleansing, use of spot treatments, and natural exfoliation with masks and scrubs. 

With the arrival of cooler weather in fall, these humidity levels fall and wind levels rise. While this can slow down oil production and relieve us from breakouts, it can also lead to dry, inflamed skin. This requires more frequent moisturizing and less frequent cleansing.

If during the summer you washed your face in the morning, night, and after working out, consider transitioning to only cleansing at night and as needed after sweating. If you're accustomed to applying an anti-breakout treatment or exfoliating mask every night, try pulling back a bit and use them three nights per week. And finally, hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! The best time to apply your moisturizer is right after you shower or wash your face to lock in as much hydration as possible. We recommend applying a moisturizer at least twice per day during the cooler months.

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